What is the Science of Salvation?

A collection of quotes and sayings about Truth from the great traditions of the world.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


"The head of every good striving and the pinnacle of all corrections is to persevere in prayer, by which we may ever obtain, through entreaty with God, all the other virtues as well. By prayer those who are worthy partake of the sanctity of God and spiritual activity and the union of the mind with the Lord in unutterable love. He who constantly forces himself to endure in prayer is roused by spiritual love to Divine fervor and flaming desire towards God, and he receives, according to his measure, the grace of spiritual, sanctifying perfection.

St. Macarius the Great
'Spiritual Homilies' (Homily 40)"

Not Of This World

"...Unless we avoid all obsession with the body and with the concerns of this world, we shall never succeed in pleasing God. We must depart as it were to another world in our way of thinking, as the Apostle said: 'Our citizenship is in Heaven'. For the Lord said quite clearly: 'Any of you who does not renounce everything he cannot be my disciple'.
Once we have managed to achieve this, we must remain ever on our guard to ensure that we never lose the thought of God, or destroy the memory of his wonders with our wandering minds. For we must keep the pure thought of God continually imprinted in our souls, as if it were an indelible seal.
For in this way we may gain the love of God, which both stirs us to carry out the Lord's commandments and is preserved by them in security for ever.

St. Basil the Great
'Gateway to Paradise'"


"An abstinent man's way of life is dearly beloved of God, but his proximity is most oppressive to the greedy. Christ exceedingly praises the silent man, but his presence will not seem sweet to those whom the demons take captive through amusements and distractions. Who does not love a humble and meek man? Only proud men and slanderers, who are foreign to his work.

St. Isaac the Syrian
'Ascetical Homilies' (Homily Fifteen)"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sun of Righteousness

"I feel bright, warm, and tranquil, when I turn with my whole soul to the mental sun, the Sun of righteousness, to Christ my God. Then the ice of my heart melts, all its darkness, impurity, and corruption, vanish; spiritual death flees, heavenly life reigns in its stead, and nothing earthly occupies me any longer.

St. John of Kronstadt
'My Life in Christ'"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thine Will Be Done

"Give up your own will, for it is one's spiritual death. And let each one of you cover up each other's faults, so that Christ in turn will cover up yours. For if you seek justice from your brother, immediately you find yourself up against God, Who puts up with you the sinner.

Elder Joseph the Hesychast
''Monastic Wisdom' (Fifty-sixth Letter)"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prayer of Jesus

"...Let us not be scared, practisers of the prayer of Jesus, either by winds or waves! By winds I mean diabolic thoughts and imaginings, and by waves the revolt of the passions aroused by thoughts and reveries. From the midst of the most furious storm, with perseverance, courage and weeping you will cry to the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will rebuke the winds and waves. And having learnt from experience the omnipotence of Jesus, we shall render to Him due adoration, saying: Thou are indeed the Son of God (Matt. 14:33)."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"God, my child, is everywhere, and His eye observes everything, but He overlooks our sins because He awaits our repentance. When we are at fault, whether slightly or greatly, He sees it because He is present, but we do not see Him because we are infants in knowledge. And when He punishes us so that we may turn towards Him, we think that we are suffering unjustly. However, when we humble ourselves, then the eyes of our soul are opened and we realize that everything the Lord does is very good. Then we look upon Him as Father abundant in mercy and overflowing with perfect love and kindness.

Elder Joseph the Hesychast
'Monastic Wisdom'"

Trials and Tribulations

"Labor conscientiously, pray, and ask God for patience. Tribulations are a good sign, they show that we are on the narrow way. Humble yourself more and reproach yourself.

Elder Joseph of Optina

Sunday, August 9, 2009


"Tedium is the granddaughter of despondency, and the daughter of slothfulness. In order to drive it away, labor at your work, and do not be slothful in prayer. The tedium will pass, and zeal will come. And if to this you add patience and humility, then you will be rid of all misfortunes and evils.

St. Ambrose of Optina"

Habits and Manners

"Clothes and raiment drape statues, but habits and manners drape men.

The Epistle of Palladius
'The Paradise of the Fathers'"

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pray to God

"...We must struggle and pray to God, night and day, that we might not fall into temptation. Even if, as humans, we are defeated and we fall into sin, let us try to get up immediately. Let us repent and cry before God's goodness. Let us be attentive. Let us labor and God, seeing our will and our contrition, will give us a helping hand and will grant us His mercy.

Abba Dorotheos
'Practical Teaching on the Christian Life"

Freedom in God

"...The goal of human freedom is not in freedom itself, nor is it in man, but in God. By giving man freedom God has yielded to man a piece of His divine authority, but with the intention that man himself would voluntarily bring it as a sacrifice to God, as a most perfect offering. Therefore, if you have mastered yourself, now give yourself to God. When you sinned, you not only lost yourself, but in losing yourself you took yourself away from God. Now, having returned from the captivity of sin, after you have mastered yourself, return yourself also to God.

St. Theophan the Recluse
'The Path to Salvation'"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Suffer for Christ

"Until Christ becomes to the soul all that has any lasting and unchanging worth; until then a man cannot come to suffer for Christ.

Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic
'The Prologue from Ochrid'"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three Reasons

"You should thank the Lord that He sends you everything. This is for three reasons: to bring you to your senses, to awareness and to thankfulness.

Elder Ambrose of Optina"

Monday, August 3, 2009


"The life of the heart is love, whilst malice and enmity against our brother are its death. The Lord keeps us on the earth in order that love for God and our neighbour may wholly penetrate our heart. This is what He expects from us all. This is, indeed, the purpose of the world's standing.

St. John of Kronstadt
'My Life in Christ'"

Overcoming Obstacles

"This is the wisdom and the power of God: to be victorious through weakness, exalted through humility, rich through poverty.

St. Gregory Palamas"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Watch Constantly

"...Never insist that anything should be according to your will, for this gives birth to anger. Do not judge or humiliate anyone, for this exhausts the heart and blinds the mind, and thereon leads to negligence and makes the heart unfeeling. Watch constantly...

St. Barsanuphius and St. John
'Directions in Spiritual Work'

Saturday, August 1, 2009


"He who would be saved should ever have his heart disposed to repentance and broken, according to the Psalmist: A sacrifice to God is a broken spirit: a broken and humbled heart God will not despise (Ps. 50:17).
In such brokenness of spirit a man can easily pass securely through the artful snares of the proud devil, whose whole care consists in agitating the human spirit, and in agitation sowing his tares, in accordance with the words of the Gospel: Lord, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? From whence then hath it tares? He said unto them, An enemy hath done this (Matt. 13:27-28).
When, however, a man strives within himself to have his heart humble and his thought not agitated, but peaceful, then all the snares of the enemy are without effect; for where there is peace in one's thoughts, there resides the Lord God Himself - His place is in peace (Ps. 75:3).

St. Seraphim of Sarov
'Little Russian Philokalia' (Repentance)"

Prayer of a Priest

"The prayer of a priest for men has great power with God, if only the priest calls upon the Lord with his whole heart, with faith and love. God grant that there may be more priests who would pray to God with an ardent spirit, for who should pray to the Lord for His sheep with such power, if not the priest, who has received grace and authority to do so from God Himself?

St. John of Kronstadt
'My Life in Christ'"


"...It is patience that both commends us to God, and saves us for God. It is that same patience which tempers anger, bridles the tongue, governs the mind, guards peace, rules discipline, breaks the onslaught of lust, suppresses the violence of pride, extinguishes the fire of dissension, restrains the power of the wealthy, renews the endurance of the poor in bearing their lot, guards the blessed integrity of virgins, the difficult chastity of widows, and the indivisible love of husbands and wives. It makes men humble in prosperity, brave in adversity, meek in the face of injuries and insults. It teaches us to pardon our offenders quickly; if you yourself should offend, it teaches you to ask pardon often and with perseverance. It vanquishes temptations, sustains persecutions, endures sufferings and martyrdoms to the end. It is this patience which strongly fortifies the foundations of our faith. It is this patience which sublimely promotes the growth of hope. It directs our action, so that we can keep to the way of Christ while we make progress because of his forbearance. It ensures our perseverance as sons of God while we imitate the patience of the Father.

St. Cyprian of Carthage
'The Good of Patience'"


"Strive for humility! Humility, without which no virtue is true in the sight of God.

Staretz Macarius of Optina"

Know Yourself

"He who has come to know himself has obtained an understanding of the fear of the Lord; and he who has walked by the aid of this fear, has reached the door of love.

St. John Climacus
'The Ladder of Divine Ascent' (Step 25)"


"Virtue can only be attained by unremitting effort.

St. John of Damascus
'On the Virtues and the Vices'"


"Let us humble ourselves and the Spirit of God Himself will instruct the soul.

Staretz Silouan
'Wisdom from Mount Athos'"

Lamp Of the True Faith

"...We want not only that you do not get lost, disintegrate and sink in the sea of heterodoxy that surrounds you, but that you yourselves be lamps of the true Faith and unhypocritical Christian piety, in order that those of other faiths, by looking at you, may glorify the Orthodox Faith as the undoubtedly original faith of Christ.

Archbishop Averky of Syracuse - Holy Trinity
'Address to Orthodox youth'"

God Is Life

"God is Life; He gave being and life to everything. He is That Which Is and Almighty, for everything proceeds from Him, and everything is supported by Him; let us therefore know Him Who alone Is. The Devil is death, because he voluntarily turned away from God the Life, and as God is That Which Is, so the Devil, by reason of his completely fallen away from That Which Is, is the cause of that which is not, of imagination, enticement, for he cannot truly bring anything into being by the word; thus he is falsehood, as God is Truth.

St. John of Kronstadt
'My Life in Christ'"

Kingdom of Heaven

"We claim that we desire the kingdom of heaven, and yet we neglect those things that ensure we could gain entry there. And although we make no efforts to fulfill the Lord's commands, we still imagine in our foolishness that we will receive the same honors as those who have fought against sin right up to their death. Who has ever stayed at home doing nothing at harvest-time and managed to fill his arms with bundles of corn? Who has ever gathered grapes from the vine he has not planted and worked hard for? Those who have worked receive the fruits, those who are victorious are crowned.

St. Basil the Great
'Gateway to Paradise'"