What is the Science of Salvation?

A collection of quotes and sayings about Truth from the great traditions of the world.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Spirit of Submission

   ...How can we be partakers of this spirit of submission, unless that the very inconstancy of things exercises us to steadfastness of mind, so that the love that leads us to God does not grow into pride in prosperity, nor fall away in adversity? May what is pleasing to God, be pleasing also to us! Let us rejoice in their measure in every gift from God. He that has used great things well, let him use well the simple things also. Let him take equal care of scarcity as of abundance. If the fruitfulness of our own souls does not displease us, neither should we be grieved over the poverty of the fruits in the spiritual harvest. Let that which the earth fails to bring forth, rise up in the field of our own heart.
                                                                  St. Leo the Great
                                                                  "On the Fast and on Offerings"