What is the Science of Salvation?

A collection of quotes and sayings about Truth from the great traditions of the world.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Lord That Loves Us

     The Lord loves us more dearly than we can love ourselves; but the soul in her distress supposes that the Lord is forgetful of her, that He even has no wish to look upon her, and she suffers and pines.
     But it is not so, brethren. The Lord loves us without end, and gives us the grace of the Holy Spirit, and comforts us. It is not the Lord's desire that the soul should be despondent and in doubt concerning her salvation. Believe and be sure that we continue in suffering only until we have humbled ourselves; but so soon as we humble ourselves there is an end to affliction, for the spirit of God discloses to the soul, because of her humility, that she is saved.
     Great glory be to the Lord that He loveth us so dearly, and this love is made known in the Holy Spirit.
                                                           Staretz Silouan
                                                           "Wisdom from Mount Athos"