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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Attributes of the Church

   The holy Tradition is wholly of the God-man, wholly of the Apostles, wholly of the Holy Fathers, wholly of the Church, in the Church, and by the Church. The Holy Fathers are nothing other than the "guardians of the Apostolic tradition." All of them, like the Holy Apostles themselves, are but "witnesses" of a single and unique Truth, the transcendent Truth of Christ, the God-man. They preach and confess it without rest, they, the "golden mouths of the Word." The God-man, the Lord Christ is one, unique, and indivisible. So also is the Church unique and indivisible, for she is the incarnation of the Theanthropos Christ, continuing through the ages and through all eternity. Being such by her nature and in her earthly history, the Church may not be divided. It is only possible to fall away from her.
                                                          Archimandrite Justin Popovich
                                                          "The Attributes of the Church"